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Federal Stafford Loans
If you borrowed money through the Federal Stafford loan program at any time during your education, you must complete a Stafford Exit Interview BEFORE graduation. At the completion of your program, you will be notified that you need to complete the exit interview. Please complete the exit interview during the time of completion. The Stafford exit interview may be completed via the web at studentloans.gov or in the Financial Aid Office located at 322 Williams Blvd.

Federal Financial Aid Withdrawal Procedures

If a student is receiving Federal Financial Aid and resigns before completing greater than 60% of the payment period of the program of enrollment, the Financial Aid Office will perform a Return of Title IV calculation to determine the amount of federal aid the student did not earn. These requirements are based on federal law and there is no provision for a waiver.

See Student Handbook

Students must complete an exit interview which outlines rights and responsibilities in repaying their student loan if they have received Federal Stafford loans during their attendance at Healthcare Training Institute.

The school will report a student's withdrawal (official or unofficial) to the lender/guaranty agency. The student may receive further information from their student loan lender regarding repayment of the loan, and may be required by the lender to immediately repay additional unearned amounts due to the lender.

Unofficial Withdrawal

An "unofficial" withdrawal occurs when a student fails to attend or ceases attending all classes without submitting a withdrawal to the student affairs Office. Instructors may, but are not required to, administratively "drop" a student who is not attending. It is the student's responsibility to officially "drop" or resign from the Healthcare Training Institute.