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The office of student affairs is here to help those individuals who are interested in attending Healthcare Training Institute to use their educational benefits. Information on eligibility for the GI Bill and using the GI Bill can be found at www.gibill.va.gov.

The Healthcare Training Institutes’ Veterans Affairs Counselor serves as a certifying official who acts as a liaison between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the veteran student. This involves assisting with a variety of processing and information needs, such as documentation requirements, correspondence, and the certification process. If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact the Healthcare Training Institutes' Veterans Affairs Counselor at 504-467-2156.

You should complete and submit the application form which is available on-line at (http://www.gibill.va.gov) – on the menu under ”GI Bill: Apply for Benefits”.

The Department of Veterans Administration (VA) will notify you regarding your eligibility for the program.

Contact Healthcare Training Institute Veterans Coordinator:

Tania Thomas
Office of Student Affairs
322 Williams Blvd., Kenner, LA 70062 
Phone: (504) 467-2156      Fax: (504) 467-2157
Email: thomas_tania@healthcaretraininginstitutenola.net