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Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay per year. Keep in mind that these rates are subject to change without notice, and that some costs may vary depending on your program of study or your living arrangements. However, these numbers may help you map out your finances.    

Estimated Costs Per Year                                                                                              2016 (Subject to change)                                                                                 based on <600 Clock Hours

                                    Dependent                         Independent                   Tuition & Fees*               $5,100                               $5,100                                 Room & Board                 $2,800                               $5,100                   Transportation                $400                                  $400                       Miscellaneous                  $390                                 $390                          Subtotal per year             $8,690                                     $10,990

Estimated Costs Per Year                                                                                               2016 (Subject to change)                                                                             based on >600 Clock Hours  

                                   Dependent                         Independent                    Tuition & Fees*              $25,310                             $25,310                             Room & Board                 $2,800                              $5,100                 Transportation                $400                                 $400                   Miscellaneous                  $390                                 $390                         Subtotal per year            $28,900                                    $31,200    

* Includes classes, book and lab fees, student-assessed fees, and identification card. The Financial Aid Office maintains a full schedule of fees.